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I would like to tell you a brief story about how I became a coach, started my own business and wrote a book. Like you, I have had some great experiences and opportunities during my career. And I have had my share of disappointments and frustrations. It was when I experienced one of my biggest career disappointments that I really stepped back and took a look at what I wanted. I had to develop the courage and take the initiative to leave my executive position and pursue my own leadership, work life and career coaching business, [email protected]

My success comes from a passion and commitment that everyone has a right to joy in work. It also is the result of training, the lessons I learned during my career, and my understanding of career and leadership development. As a senior leader, I spent many hours supporting my people, both by providing an environment that worked for them and by coaching them. I found that the happiest were individuals who recognized their strengths and talents, knew what they wanted and took charge of their career. They were in control and recognized their power.

I am committed to helping people find their power, passion and joy [email protected]